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In this article, made by me, would be about photography current situation in
Brunei. This article contains what should I say a critique or statement that may be mis-defined to photographers, here in Brunei. This doesn't meant to hurt any individual or photographer in Brunei but to tell the truth or facts. This is based on an unofficial research or baseless findings but to a view or overview of certain people including me. From the topic above, you might get a rough idea about this article and reading them might get you understand better.

Photographer vs Editor

The word photographer is known to everyone, he who takes a picture with a camera (brief definition) and Editor (defined by me, here in this article) is a person who edits (editing) the picture or post-process it with a software such as Photoshop, lightroom and so on. From this two brief definitions, now you might understand a bit about this article.
So, a photographer is a photographer and a editor is an editor. But what makes me wrote this article is some of us, feel proud of our picture (including me, of course) and called ourself a GREAT photographer, where in the picture, all of basic photography rules didn’t apply and pictures is only beautify by editing and they called them self a great or wonderful or a skilled photographer. Does this make sense to you? A simple picture or lame or lifeless of not an art form, is 'tweak' by a software and a new life of picture is formed and 'they' proudly accept a compliments from others that he or she were a great photographer, where in fact, that person should say, "hey, I'm not really good at photography but good at editing". That statement really shows that person characteristic, which is honest and well aware, that he or she is not really a good photographer. Most comments that I saw in facebook tells that individual is a great photographer where as I see it, that person is only good at editing. And, still accepts the compliments of a good photographer.
If there is a big competition held here, in
Brunei, and everybody joins, and submit the picture or image without editing, I'm sure that not even half that joins the competitions would produce a 'wow' factor or a 'distinction' marks. And only by editing, 40% of the competitors would fail, and mostly goes to old age groups. Why? Simply because they didn’t really know how to do editing with today technology, no offend tho. I think for them, photographer is a photographer and an editor is an editor. And not to forget, those 60% would smile all the way because they are good in editing. Ok, you might say today's photographer must know how to edit, I agreed, BUT, most people as I say it again, have produce a low quality picture at the beginning and editing them at the end, which makes the picture wonderful. By doing this, I know you might say that "hey I planned the picture that way and know what to do when editing, later", I agreed, I know how this works, BUT that time, that picture is contaminated with post processing, and REMEMBER, your eyes is been tricked by the image that you see by all those wonderful or sometime 'add-on' colour or even 'add-on' subjects or backgrounds. And when your eyes is been tricked so do your mouth, "Ahh! Nice picture bro!..Good Shot!". GOOD SHOT?! Well, photographer is a photographer and editor is an editor. And there goes another comment that has been tricked.

Whiteroom vs White back drop

Haha.. You must be thinking of this words right? And know it straight away the definitions. Ok, you know it a critique, which is also a fact, which happens here, in
Brunei. Most photographers would like to have their own studio. With all the 5 lighting standing tall proudly visible to others, and this is fine, a well much efforts to get them and get the maximum out of it. Here, it gets tough, most photographer have their own blog or websites to show their skills of photography. There is one scenario:  A lady model, picture taken by a photographer, with good lighting, composure, click-click, a sexy beautiful smile is appeared on an image. This photographer uploads it to his websites and titled them 'whiteroom with ms.sexy'(not related with any ms.sexy on internet world, this is just an example). oh ok, nice picture beautiful smile, and suddenly you say "HEY, its not whiteroom its white backdrop". And realising this, it is actually not a whiteroom. A whiteroom is a room that painted or coated with white substance all around the room, and every position of shot is possible with that space. With white backdrop, you are restricted only to a certain or one position of shots and now you proudly called it a whiteroom. Where in fact it is only a white backdrop. Interesting, right? Well, it is the facts. Still unsatisfied?. Ok..ok.. Tell me, when you purchase that white/black/etc colour 'thing', does it called white'room' of white’ backdrop'?.. Unless you covered your room everything with that backdrop then I might agreed it is a whiteroom. I see once a video clip that I saw was done on whiteroom, but I can't recall, but a near concept of whiteroom that appeared on my mind right now is a video clip by the late Michael Jackson - Scream. Watch this video, now you know a bit of what I meant or the definition of whiteroom in photography.

Feeling angry? or wana argued with my facts? you may.. but remembered this is baseless findings and is only a view or overview of certain people including me and to me it is the facts that are going on right now. I didn't mean of any downfall, but meant of straighten things up or defying the true meanings. Adios for now.. (Sorry for any grammatical error)


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